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As well as dealing with your roofing needs, May Roofing are also well experienced and skilled at handling any chimney repairs you may need. All our operatives are highly skilled in carrying out a wide variety of chimney repairs from simple re-pointing and re-sealing a chimney to removal and re-building your chimney we can ensure that the works are carried out to the highest standards and on time and on budget.

Here are some of the chimney repair & maintenance services that we provide.

• Chimney repairs such as re-pointing and re-seating of chimney pots
• Installation of lead soakers, flashings, back gutters and front aprons
• Chimney re-builds
• Chimney removal
• Installation of chimney cowls and vents

Chimneys need to be well maintained at all times as they can create massive problems if left to deteriorate. Brickwork, stonework, mortar and lead flashing will decay over time so it is very important to keep a watchful eye on your chimney.

When mortar is left to crumble away it leaves the brick/stonework with no support and this, in some cases, can lead to chimneys collapsing. This can create massive damage to your roof and property but more importantly this could seriously injure you, your family or passers by.

If you would like to discuss your chimney needs with one of our team, please feel free to get in touch. We will provide you with a free quote that outlines the work specifications and all costs involved. We are always happy to help wherever we can and will ensure that our services will meet both your roofing requirements and personal expectations.

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